Mochitsuki 2015

The Annual AADAP Mochitsuki took place at the Therapeutic Community (TC) on December 30th, 2015. This cultural event showcases a Japanese New Year tradition of pounding fresh mochi from scratch and rolling them into fluffy round mounds. The event is so much more than the making of the mochi. It’s also a time for the AADAP family to gather and celebrate the end of another year, and bring in the New Year. This year we were blessed to have volunteers from the Seinan Senior Center come and help us make the traditional Ozoni soup and sushi rolls. The clients and staff that attended all took turns either pounding the mochi with the wooden mallet in the stone bowl, or joining the assembly line to help form the fresh warm mochi into soft round balls.

We are proud at AADAP for having events such as Mochitsuki that celebrate the cultural diversity reflected in our history, staff and clients.

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