Get Your EITC Cash Back Refund!


AADAP is partnering with KYCC (Koreatown Youth & Community Center), CalEITC4me, and the Office of Governor Jerry Brown to help spread awareness of the California Earned Income Tax Credit (CalEITC) and help millions of California working families receive hundreds of millions in cash-back refunds.

Together, the impact of state and federal is profound. In its first year, CalEITC cash-back refunds to low- income working Californians totaled nearly $200 million. However, getting the word out is very important because nearly $2 billion of unclaimed federal EITC is left on the table by eligible working Californians each year.

To ensure that everyone eligible claims their EITC, CalEITC4me has created a multi- lingual website that provides eligibility information, resources, tool kits, fact sheets, videos, social media and other user-friendly resources. makes it easy for filers to see if they qualify, how much money they can earn, and where they can file for free in their neighborhood. CalEITC4me has also launched a texting campaign so filers can text the word “EITC” to (760) 970-8396 to see how much EITC money they can receive.

Californians must file their taxes by April 18 to qualify for the California Earned Income Tax Credit.


CalEITC4Me is statewide outreach and education campaign to spread awareness of the state and federal Earned Income Tax Credit and put more money into the hands of hard-working Californians.

CalEITC4ME, an initiative of Golden State Opportunity, is a one-stop, multilingual online hub of information and interactive resources. To learn more about CalEITC4Me, visit To learn more about Golden State Opportunity, the organization focused on creating economic security for everyone, visit



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