AADAP’s 2012 Annual Board Meeting

AADAP’s Annual Board Meeting (ABM) was held on Thursday, August 2, 2012 at the banquet hall of Empress Pavilion in Chinatown, Downtown Los Angeles. Everyone first enjoyed a delicious Chinese Dim Sum style meal.

AADAP’s Board Chairman Ken Kasamatsu first introduced the Board of Directors as well as AADAP’s newest Board Member, Steve Arellano, a Sergeant level police officer and Event Planner with the LAPD. Chairman Kasamatsu then introduced the special guests and honorees of the evening.  Special guests included Captain Eric Davis of the LAPD; Nick Maestas, consultant for Olympia Academy; Nina Flores with Quiltmakers from the Heart.

AADAP’s Administrative Director Dean Nakanishi set a positive tone for the coming year and presented the Annual Report.

Board Member Mike Yoshiba presented awards to this year’s honorees, which included Connie Chung Joe, Executive Director of the Korean American Family Service Center; Alisi Tulua, Program Manager of the Tongan Community Service Center; Ed Shioyazono, charity fundraiser and contributor for the AIDS Project LA and AADAP’s Marathon Program (AMP).

The AADAP Managers next presented the 10 Year Recognition Awards to AADAP staff Terron Shaw, Francis Tan and Rahimah Shaw. The 20 Year Recognition Awards were presented to Eddie Tagle, Belen Baculanta and James Stinson. The awardees were acknowledged for their continued dedication and commitment to the AADAP family.

Chairman Kasamatsu closed the evening’s program by thanking the AADAP staff and guests for their hard work and Empress Pavilion for the delicious food and excellent service.

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