Reporting Hotline

Corporate Compliance Reporting Policy and Procedure

Employees must report to their Manager, HR or to the Corporate Compliance Officer, suspected violations by employees of applicable law, rules, regulations including the Code of Ethical Conduct and policies included in the Corporate Compliance Plan.  Employees have the same reporting obligations for actual or suspected violations committed by a vendor, subcontractor or volunteer of the agency.

Where to Report

An effective corporate compliance plan requires all of us to cooperate willingly and participate actively.  We have a responsibility to report concerns to either:

  • Your Unit Manager,
  • Human Resources, or
  • The Corporate Compliance Officer

AADAP has established a compliance/ethics reporting hotline: (844) 302-8638 or email at

All emails sent to and messages left on the hotline will go directly to the Corporate Compliance Officer. Additionally, a lockbox for reports has been established at each building.  Correspondence can be submitted anonymously in a sealed envelope and addressed to the Corporate Compliance Officer.  Mailing can also be done via US Postal Service if preferred.