Community Organizer (IYCC)

Job Announcement


Date : 10/11/2017
Agency : AADAP, Inc. – Prevention Unit
Job Title




Community Organizer-IYCC

Non-Exempt Employee

Salary : Commensurate Upon Experience
Opening Date : Immediately
Closing Date : Until filled
Opening Positions : One (1) Full-time, Temporary
Submit Resumes to : Jon Fukuda
2900 S Crenshaw Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90016
(323) 293-6284, (323) 295-4075 (fax)


The Community Organizer mobilizes target communities to impact change around alcohol and other drug access issues through advocacy and policy-based campaigns. The Community Organizer implements a strategic plan under the supervision of the IYCC Coordinator.


  1. Target Area Organizing (70%):
    1. Conducts comprehensive community assessments of assigned target area.
    2. Recruit, train, and guide youth and adult volunteer base through community based AOD prevention campaigns and evidence-based practices.
    3. Navigate, cultivate, and negotiate policy awareness and support with City decision makers and City staff.
    4. Mobilize community leaders and residents around specific organizing efforts as appropriate.
    5. Conduct leadership development, skills building, and coalition building efforts as assigned.
    6. Implement a SPF strategic action plan involving youth and adult volunteer base.
    7. Develop and provide AOD presentations on campaign efforts to target community.
    8. Facilitate community coalition meetings and trainings as required.
    9. Revise action plan according to emerging community needs, issues, and problems.
  2. County-wide Organizing (15%):
    1. Provide technical assistance to other organizing bodies as assigned.
    2. Participate in County based Roundtable and other coalition based meetings.
    3. Conduct advocacy around local, state, and federal policy decisions.
  3. Contract Compliance (10%):
    1. Comply with City, County, State and Federal contractual agreements.
    2. Submit billing reports and other reporting requirements as assigned.
    3. Maintain accurate files on organizing activities and evaluations.
  4. Unit and Agency (5%):
    1. Attend Unit and Agency meetings and functions.
    2. Represent AADAP at local, state and federal forums, conferences, and other activities.
    3. Perform other duties as assigned.


  1. Required:
    1. Four-years of college education related to field or equivalent work experience related to field.
    2. Permanent resident or U.S. Citizen; proof of work eligibility upon hiring.
    3. Valid California Drivers License, current minimum automobile insurance, and an appropriate motor vehicle.
    4. Must have at least three (3) years of recovery or a drug free lifestyle as of the date of application.
    5. Must be able to work with people of diverse cultural, educational, social, and economic backgrounds.
    6. Demonstrated knowledge and skill in computer operations.
    7. Demonstrated community organizing experience and background.
    8. Ability to pass criminal background check to work with children and adolescents.
  2. Preferred qualifications:
    1. Experience in community organizing and advocacy efforts.
    2. Fluent in Khmer: written and spoken language
    3. Knowledge of substance abuse and related issues.
    4. Knowledge and understanding of Long Beach City and community.
    5. Experience working with youth and adolescents.
    6. Experience with research and evaluation methodologies.
    7. Knowledge of media messaging and technology.


Revised 8/31/17