Night Caseworker (TC)

Job Announcement


Date : 11/3/2017
Agency : AADAP, Inc. – Therapeutic Community
Job Title




Night Caseworker

Non-Exempt Employee

Salary : Commensurate Upon Experience
Opening Date : Immediately
Closing Date : Until filled
Opening Positions : One (1) Full-time
Submit Resumes to : Jon Fukuda
2900 S Crenshaw Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90016
(323) 293-6284, (323) 295-4075 (fax)


Under the supervision of the Unit Coordinator, direct and monitor the evening structure of the Residential Unit, and ensure that all staff team decisions governing resident treatment needs are adequately enforced.


  1. Maintain Program Integrity in accordance with the Residential Unit’s Governing Principles and Protocols (75%):
    1. Assist in orientating new residents to the policies and procedures of the Residential Unit.
    2. Assist with transportation needs of the Residential Unit.
    3. Schedule and post urinalysis-testing dates for staff implementation.
    4. Dispense and monitor client medication(s).
    5. Provide for maintenance of state and local health and safety codes, building security, and residents’ welfare.
    6. Monitor and record emergency evacuation procedures (fire drills, earthquake drills etc.)
  2. Serve as Liaison between Program Staff and the Resident Population (25%):
    1. Participate in the weekly Case Conference(s).
    2. Provide feedback on observations made on residents’ evening activities and interactions.
    3. Assist in the development of residents’ treatment goals and objectives.
    4. Document all significant evening developments and interactions in Staff Communications Log.
    5. Assist with supervision of resident Crew Foreman and House Coordinator.
    6. Perform other functions as assigned.


    1. Demonstrate knowledge of therapeutic community as a treatment modality
    2. Ability to work with people of diverse cultural, educational, social, and economic backgrounds
    3. Two (2) years of college education related to field or two (2) year- equivalent work experience related to position
    4. Valid California Identification.
    5. Permanent resident or U.S. citizen; proof of work eligibility upon hiring.
    6. Must have at least three (3) year of recovery or drug free lifestyle as of the date of the application.
    7. Demonstrated knowledge and skill in computer operations.
    8. Complete physical examination and TB test upon hiring.
    1. CAS Certification or Alcohol and Drug certification from a State certified organization
    2. Bilingual/bicultural capabilities with Asian/Pacific languages and cultural groups.
    3. Experience with group facilitation

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