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The Asian American Drug Abuse Program

1088 S. La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90019
Phone (323) 295-0262/ Fax (323) 295-2375

The Employment Access Unit: implements the agency’s comprehensive job training and employment programs. We prepare the current and future workforce by offering a variety of services such as vocational assessments, career counseling, labor market resources, basic computer training, short-term vocational training, job readiness training, paid/unpaid job placement services, job retention, supportive and follow-up services. We collaborate with our partners to provide an after school program. We also provide employers services such as labor market information, setting up of job placements, and connecting them with agencies for other business services.

Employment Access Unit implements the following programs:

1. Veterans’ Employment Assistance-Related Program (VEAP)
This is a comprehensive training and employment program for veterans and their eligible spouses. This VEAP program is designed to provide a broad array of services to veterans facing barriers in transitioning into employment and career advancement. The employment-related support services include but are not limited to transportation assistance, work-related tools, fees to obtain certification of training, licenses required for job opening, short-term vocational training, short-term housing, and other allowable services. The California Employment Development Department (EDD) funds the VEAP.

2. Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Youth Programs
These programs provide comprehensive services designed to place in-school and out-of-school youth ages 17 to 21 years old in employment or education, help them attain a degree or certificate, and increase their literacy and numeracy gains. The Los Angeles County Department of Community And Senior Services and the Los Angeles City Community Development Department (CDD) provide the funds for the WIA Youth Programs.  The Los Angeles Urban League is the Lead in the LA City WIA Youth Program.

3. Summer Youth Employment Program
These programs provide summer employment of high-risk and youth of the county.  The Los Angeles County Department of Community And Senior Services funds this program.


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